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Training matters, but 80+% of your results are going to come down to your diet and other habits that you create. Sadly, 99% of people that set out to lose weight and are never able to keep any meaningful results. If you think you’re in the 1% of people that are able to figure it out on your own, that’s awesome. But if you’ve tried diets or workout programs before and haven’t found something that has stuck – there is a solution.


Instead of randomly trying things and hoping you find something that works, take all of the guess work out of the equation. Talk to someone who has not only helped others, but ideally has gone through the same journey.

I lost 80lbs in a year training only once a week an incredibly simple diet

Obesity rates have nearly tripled since 1960 and have increased significantly since the US Dietary Guidelines were introduced in 1980. And while correlation cannot prove causation, I strongly suspect the guidelines have had a strong influence on the abundance of diet related health conditions we experience today.

In short, I tend to think we are not eating a species appropriate diet. Every other animal in nature knows their natural diet, and even animals in zoos, despite being far less active, don’t experience obesity if fed their appropriate diet. And human beings, being specific creatures of a precise physiologic nature, do have a most appropriate diet. Yet somehow the debate rages between vegans and carnivores, fruitarians and pescatarians, keto vs high fat, standard western diet vs the Mediterranean diet… there are people arguing all sorts of competing theories, but there can only be one best theory of any aspect of reality.

There’s a lot to cover with phone clients. That’s why I offer a FREE 15-Minute Phone Call. In this call, you tell me a bit about what you’ve tried in the past, your goals, and what you feel your biggest obstacles will be. It’s also important to see if we’re a good fit for each other. But even if you don’t sign up for coaching, these phone calls are absolutely free.

If you are serious about taking steps to improve your health TODAY, click the link below and let’s find a time to talk.