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What & Why

Introduction to the 18 Minute Workout

About The Workout:

As a general starting point, the 18-Minute Workout is a full body, machine only workout. Each movement is performed extremely slowly, and rest between exercises is kept as brief as safely possible. By focusing on basic, compound movements, performed with a relatively high degree of exertion, the same benefits can be obtained as conventional resistance training or cardio – only in a much safer manner.

Is 18 Minutes Long Enough?

Yes. Absolutely! The purpose of exercise is to stimulate positive changes in the body. Similar to how a tanning bed can stimulate a deep tan in a fraction of the time, properly conducted exercise will produce the same benefits in a fraction of the time -and without a massive dose of UV light 😉

How So?

I believe most approaches to exercise are based on tradition, not known principles of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and physics. There’s a significant body of research showing that one properly performed set is every bit as effective as multiple sets, yet the general approach towards exercise is, “more is better.”

Similarly, slowly performed repetitions have also been demonstrated to be as effective and sometimes more effective than quick movements. However, given that fast movements apply exponentially more force on your joints than slow movements, no educated personal trainer should ever have the average client lift quickly – yet this is the mainstream approach. I break down these two concepts (slow reps and only one set) in far greater detail on our YouTube channel.

Only Once A Week?

Yes. Adaptations within the body take time to occur after the initial stimulus. You don’t grow in the gym, you grow from recovery. And attempting more exercise before that process has had sufficient time will only short circuit the mechanism. You can absolutely see significant improvements to your health and fitness with one workout a week. The rest of your week can be filled with other activities you enjoy. You don’t have to be a slave to the gym.

What If I Have Limitations?

If you can move, you can (and should!) exercise. I’ve trained people in their 80’s, individuals with back pain, bad knees, carpal tunnel, reconstructed shoulders, rheumatoid arthritis, and have been able to make accommodations for all of them.

Exercise, performed correctly, is extremely safe. And the benefits of exercise are so profound everyone should do it. It’s like brushing your teeth – it doesn’t take long, it isn’t fun, but you do it because it’s good for you and improves the quality of your life.

Getting Started:

Stop in for 2 FREE trial workouts. The first workout is to become familiar with the protocol. The second workout is to show how significant improvements can occur after only one workout.

These workouts are absolutely free with no obligation to sign up. Once you’ve tried it and see how effective it is, we can discuss long term goals and signing up.

Jerome Armstrong
Master HIT Trainer

I’m a lifetime drug free bodybuilder interested in helping people improve their health and functional ability. I’ve trained athletes, active and former service military, the elderly, and numerous individuals with chronic conditions in this manner, and all have seen marked improvements.

I’m based in Southeast Wisconsin and own 18 Minute Fitness. I also produce content on YouTube and am writing a book on philosophy & fitness.