Grafton’s Premier Personal Training


6 Month Package (Best Value)

24 personalized, instructor led workouts. Each appointment is 30 minutes and time after your workouts will be used to answer your questions and make assessments/adjustments for future sessions. Save 20% per session with this package. 6 month clients get priority responses to emails/texts.

3 Month Package

Same as above, only 12 workouts. Most clients initially sign up for 3 months, then purchase 6 months after the initial package expires.

30 Minute Phone Consultation (Single)

Don’t live nearby but have questions? Book a 30 minute phone or video call and get them answered directly. We can talk about diet, exercise, supplements, or any other health or fitness topic you desire. I’m committed to value, so 30 minutes is the minimum length, as these conversations often go a bit longer 🙂

Long Term Phone Coaching

I’ve had phone clients for years. With phone coaching, we book the same time every week for a phone or video call and talk through your health and fitness journey. These calls aren’t just checking in, we’ll continually address your issues and make adjustments to your diet and training to ensure progress. Phone clients can also send emails/texts or submit video training footage for review.


Jerome has provided me and my family the highest level of personalized fitness and nutritional advice. He is my go to trainer when I am needing guidance and help. His approach is the kind that yields results and provides what is needed to keep you driven and meeting your goals. I can’t recommend his services enough. Give Jerome a shot! You won’t regret it and you will feel better for it as well.

-J K

Jerome has helped me tremendously on my fitness journey. He encouraged me and showed me what needs to be done to strengthen certain muscle groups and even how to eat to lose weight but still be able to eat enough food which was hard for me. I encourage everyone to go see him, truly an amazing person and instructor

-M P

I have physical limitations due to bad knees. Jerome took time to listen to my concerns and develop a program that allows me to be successful without the fear of increased pain. I trust him and find his philosophy towards physical fitness to be refreshing and easy to understand. He has taken the mystery of the “gym” world away and made me realize I belong there. I highly recommend him.

-J M

Jerome does a fantastic job listening to your concerns with where you are and where you want to be. He makes you feel comfortable throughout the workout and pushes you to your limits in the right way. Being able to complete a full workout in roughly 18minutes is perfect to fit into any busy schedule. I highly recommend his services!

-K M

Let’s build something great together.